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Hi-Rail Option

Ready For The Rail

In addition to the standard features and legendary performance of the Guzzler Classic, the Hi-Rail option includes a dedicated high rail vacuum loading unit. This enhanced truck allows you to efficiently remove and replace ballast, clean up potential pollution problems and respond quickly in emergency situations.

Guzzler Manufacturing’s Hi-Rail option for the Guzzler Classic offers the industry’s most advanced truck mounted industrial vacuum for the extreme demands of the rail industry. 


Main Features of the Guzzler High-Rail:

  • Enhanced Operator Ergonomics
  • Improved Safety
  • Debris Removal
  • Vacuum: 28″ Hg Blower
  • Airflow: 5,300 CFM
  • Payload Capacity: 18 Cubic Yard
  • Tank Size: 3,600 Gallon
  • 8” Positive Displacement
  • Opening Rear Door
  • Extendable Boom
  • 4” Sludge Pump for Offloading