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Soil Cutting and Extraction

Hydrovacs use high-pressure water to cut and liquefy soil, at the same time using a high-volume vacuum to extract the soil during excavation. This process involves both fresh water and soil, which are contained within our truck-mounted unit.  Hydrovacs are utilized for various tasks such as daylighting, soil trenching, piling hole excavation, debris removal, and cold-weather digging.

Hydro Vac (22)

Safety First

The paramount benefit lies in safety. When employing a hydrovac, you can excavate around existing utilities, gas mains, power lines, and more without jeopardizing the infrastructure or endangering on-site workers.

Key Features

  • Over half of damages in the utility industry result from shovel strikes.
  • Hydrovac excavation and hand digging are widely considered safe methods for exposing utilities.
  • Higher precision and less restoration compared to manual digging.
  • Cost-effective due to reduced manpower.
  • Environmentally less intrusive.
  • Excavated dirt is stored in debris tanks, minimizing traffic disruption.