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Offload While Vacuuming

How do you get even more productivity from a Guzzler? By specifying Guzzler’s swing-out loading cyclone (XCR). The XCR gives you the flexibility to perform a wide range of efficient drumming and material recovery operations quickly and easily.

Unlike other batch unloading systems, the patented swing-out cyclone delivers true continuous production capability. Which means the XCR is the only system that delivers simultaneous vacuuming and offloading capability. No time wasted on trips to the dumpsite

Guzzler XCR-19

Main Features of the Guzzler XCR:

  • XCR Swing-Out Cyclone
  • Continuous Vacuum While Offloading
  • Can Offload into Super Sacs
  • Vacuum: 28″ Hg Blower
  • Airflow: 5,500 CFM
  • Payload Capacity: 18 Cubic Yard
  • Tank Size: 3,600 Gallon
  • Hibon 8702 Vacuum Pump
  • 8” Positive Displacement
  • Opening Rear Door
  • Extendable Boom Available
  • Sludge Pump Available